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At Your Side

Operating a business without a cohesive growth strategy or plan is akin to a sailboat adrift at sea, lacking both direction and destination. Contemporary business leaders must possess an adaptable mindset, capable of exploiting and evolving opportunities as necessary. In today's intricate, digitally connected world, I recognise the immense value of sound guidance. Securing the best advice can mean the difference between success and failure.


Know Your Customer

The fundamental elements of any thriving business reside here, and it's essential not to let anyone tell you otherwise. Through a collaborative process by interactive team workshops or management one to ones, I guide you through my exclusive approach, encompassing vision, value proposition, and validation. This process empowers you to make calculated business decisions around the needs of your customer and fit of your products and services.  

Value Propsoition Design
Brand Strategy


Model For Success

I assist forward-thinking business leaders in identifying and connecting with their target audience through a well-defined growth strategy and business modeling. Leveraging a combination of business expertise and 21 strategic models, I analyse critical data to reveal key insights. Once these insights are uncovered, I guide my clients through the necessary tools and strategies to execute a roadmap to success. With my support and oversight, clients can confidently identify strengths and weaknesses across crucial business areas, setting the stage for sustainable growth and success


A Competitive Edge

Business innovation is essential for companies to remain competitive and grow. By using the exploit/explore approach we will balance existing strengths while exploring new opportunities. Exploit existing resources to optimise operations and assets, while exploring new ideas through experimentation. Innovation requires creativity, collaboration, and a willingness to take risks to achieve success.

New product development, R&D or internal structuring, rest be assured i will help you explore and exploit innovation. 

International Marketing

Expert Guidance For Global Players

With experience building a global tech company, I understand the requirements for successful exporting. Reaching and connecting with international target customers doesn't have to be an impossible or costly task. I will analyse and explore the most effective pathway to reach your international audience and achieve export prosperity.


Building Value 

Effective communication of value is crucial for any organisation -customer relationship. With numerous channels available, selecting the most effective tactics, can be daunting.

Mark, having founded and operated a prominent UK marketing agency with Blue Chip, NFP and Government clients, can help market orientated businesses discover how to maximise value for the organisation and its customers.  

Discover Your Inner Guerrilla

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